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Am/Can CH Esmonds Never Say Never


Am/Can/UKC CH Cammcastle's Talcum Powder TT, HIC, CGC



Congratulations to new owners...

        Pink Girl will be:      Esmonds Ringside Gossip (Rumor) co-owned with Tammy Ausloos of Wisconsin
        Blue Boy will be:      Esmonds Youthful Indiscretion (Tango) co-owned with Jen Perry of Ontario
        Purple Boy wil be:    Esmonds One Night Stand (Tryst) co-owned with Dawn Phillips of Alberta
        Yellow Girl will be:   Esmonds Illicit Affair (Pixie) owned by Barb Doering of Pennsylvania
        Orange Girl will be:  Esmonds Love Child (Carmen) owned by Crystal Wyatt of California
        Green Boy will be:    Esmonds Shotgun Wedding (Luger) owned by Shellie Wieting of Wisconsin


Please help us to welcome our "Oops" litter!

For the first time in 15 years, we have had an unplanned breeding. We were certain that it must have been a false pregnancy, as Itchy last came into season on October 28th.  The only intact male in our home at that time was Dante, and he was kept far from Itchy during her cycle. The best we can figure is that Itchy either ovulated very late or had a split heat that we were unaware of.  Even then, we still don't understand  how the breeding could have taken place without our knowledge. 

A special thank you to Julia Foster for taking such good care of Itchy until we could get her back home.  Thank you also to Suzan Guynn and Tammy Ausloos for your understanding.  We hope that everyone is aware that this was our mistake, not theirs. 

Despite the fact that both Itchy and Dante are outstanding representatives of the breed, we wouldn't have necessarily paired them together for a future breeding.  That said, we will do our best to raise and place these pups in a way that allows them every opportunity for a wonderful life. ***News... both Dante and Itchy have passed all of their preliminary health clearances!!!  Both came back with OFA Good Hips, Clear Elbows, Normal Heart and passed the CERF.   Dante and Itchy will each be recleared after age two and all results will be submitted to the OFA database.

Although the litter was a surprise to us, Itchy seemed to be fully prepared right from the start!
She is a loving and attentive mother and we couldn't be more pleased with how well she is doing.


2 1/2 week candids...




3 week candids...




Pups first Meal!


Time to check your teeth! It's important to find those tiny ones way in the back!



Itchy is having a great time with her pups!



Puppy Candids at four weeks



Five weeks old and cute cute CUTE!





Itchy continues to be the most patient mother we've ever had!



The pups see snow for the first time!




Pups stacked at 5.5 Weesk



Fun in the living room!


Our first taste of raw chicken!




A few 7 week candids...


Little Miss Smarty Pants!



The pups have been getting LOTS of loving!

Thanks for taking such good care of us while Ann is at work Jen!