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Esmonds Old Vine Zinfandel
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF


Hi, I'm Baron.  I am owned and adored by Brett & Chris Getschow of Wisconsin.


This is Brett .  He is my owner and will do ANYTHING for me!
He even does his work at home so he can be with me all the time.
I am the luckiest dog in the world!!!


Here I am as a baby, looking handsome.


And here I am as a big boy in the same spot!


This is my friend, Rommel.
When I grow up, I want to be just like him.  
For now, I just do whatever he's doing....

Baron taught me to swim and also shares his stuff with me.
Ok, sometimes he shares his stuff with me...


Did someone say "Cookie"???


We swim a lot on weekends and
Mom and Dad take really good care of me afterward!

I'm a big boy now and am still swimming!


I also live with a kitten named Fluffy.
Notice my suprise at meeting him?

OK Fluffy, what are you doing in my crate???

I'll show him who's boss!

Oh Boy, I think I may be in trouble...

Maybe we'll just share the crate...


Hey buddy, I need your help with a cat problem that I have...


Yeah, this is more like it!


This is me, working hard to make Dad smile.


Dad and I, relaxing after a long hard day!


Dad and I driving!

We also have a boat we cruise around in...


Wheeeee...I'm not only big now, but FAST!


I LOVE winter!  Here I am playing in the snow...
and here I am watching people fall through the ice!


And in the Summer, I'm living the dream!


Here I am being a show dog at 7 weeks old.
I think I like swimming better, but we'll see...

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