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Esmonds Simply Irresistible RN, CGC

Bob's YouTube Videos...

Watch Bob's 2nd Birthday Video!


Many of you know Bob, so he probably doesn't even need an introduction!

Bob is the very special little boy from our Connor/Iza litter who was born as a natural Bobtail
(hence the name "Bob", although he prefers to be called "Robert Jackman").


Being the littlest puppy, Bob was very spoiled from the start.
The kids took him to bed with them, he rode around in their sweatshirts etc. etc.

The end result was that Bob thinks he is one very important puppy!
And based the size of his fan club, I guess he is.

As you can see, Bob quickly grew up into a handsome young man.


I really had big plans for Bob to stay here with us for awhile, but fate intervened.
Two very special people, Peggy Langdon and Nan Faile needed Bob's smiling face more than I did.


Thank you to Peggy and Nan for offering Bob such a wonderful life.


Bob and his best friend, Nan


Bob and Ajax on the boat!


Bob and Peg, enjoying a perfect day.



Big Air Bob!!!
He figured out that water stuff pretty quickly!


Bob recently visited us in Bobcaygeon and enjoyed swimming with Jill, Hope and Smooch!


Bob and sister, Nova

As you can see, Bob is loving life!!!


Bob the great Lizard Hunter!

This photo of Bob made it onto the front page of the "Metro" section of the Columbia Newspaper!
Click here to see it!


Bob and his new girlfriend, Jemme!!!


A real working dog knows how to bring the groceries in!


Bob, the ultimate trick dog!



Bob growing up...

Bob at six months.


Bob and Nan down at the lake...

See Bob, it's just a lake, there are no Water Spirits here...

Wahoooooo!  The Water Spirits got me Nan!


More Baby Bob...


Bob's first vet visit...he was intrigued with the 19 year old cat!



Click here to see Bob and his littermates growing up.