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CH Esmonds Smooth Operator TD, PCD, CARO RN, TT, HIC, CGN
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, CERF

Bond is another of the puppies from our Oso/Bailey "Liquor" themed litter. 
His name, Smooth Operator, is taken from the ice cream drink (note that it's made with Baileys!)...

30 ml Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur, 15 ml Kahlua® coffee liqueur,
15 ml Bailey's® Irish cream, 1/2 banana, 60 ml cream
Blend ingredients in a blender with a scoop of crushed ice. Strain into cocktail glass(es).  


Bond is owned and loved by Barbara Young of Ontario
and her daughter, Cassie!


Bond originally had a home in Illinois, but special circumstances made Bond available to a new home.
Right around that time, Barbara and Cassie were visiting and Cassie fell in love with Bond's sister, Clare.

We told Barbara and Cassie about Bond and they said they'd think about him.
A few hours later, we got a call saying the wanted him!


Come to find out, Barbara had grabbed a puppy photo from our website for her computer's screensaver
and, all this time, she'd been looking at none other than Bond himself while dreaming of her puppy to arrive!!!

It seemed meant to be, and we made arrangements for them to meet up with Donna Wielert, Bond's breeder.


As you can see, Bond thinks he hit the jackpot with his new home!
Barbara and Cassie have high hopes of succeeding in the breed and obedience rings with him someday.
Until then, he is VERY well loved....his is a true fairy tale ending!


Bond on his way to his new home...


Bond and Ann at their first show together!
Bond won Winners Dog/Best of Winners and then went on to win
Best of Breed over a special and a Group 4 for his first five CKC points!!!


Bond's next weekend out was in Peterborough, Ontario, where he won
Winners Dog/Best of Winners and Best of Breed for two more points!!!


Bond is a new Champion!!!
Thank you to handler, Peter Scott, for earning Bond's last three points!!!


Bond ~ Summer 2007


A smiling Bond shortly after he went to live with Barbara and Cassie!


In addition to a great new family,
Bond has made a LOT of new doggie friends.
Here he is after a long run with his pals....can you see Bond back there?



Barbara and Bond earning their very first title... the CARO RN!!!


Bond Tracking!


Bond passing his Herding Instinct Test!




Bond was a very happy and easygoing puppy who learns easily and is quick to please.

Bond (Right) and brother Bristol (Left)


 Bond stacked at 7 weeks.

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