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Ch Esmonds Outta the Blue Nordike TT, HIC, CGN
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac (View Echo), OFA Patella, OFA Thyroid, CERF         


Caygeon is the "little" girl from Gable and Beca's litter.


Thankfully, new owners, Chris and Bev Vanstone of Ontario,
gave her a proper name and "little" is now Caygeon (as in Bobcaygeon).


Chris, Bev and the kids had been waiting quite a long time for Caygeon
and, as a result, she is very spoiled.  She's well socialized too! 
In fact, she'sbeen to preschool for "show and tell" and is the mascot of the T Ball Team.  


Caygeon has matured into a beautiful dog, both in mind and body.
Thank you to Chris and Bev for allowing Caygeon to be bred within our program.



Caygeon on vacation in "Bob"Caygeon ~ Summer 2007


The good news is that, in addition to being so well loved, Caygeon did very well in the rings!
She finished with a three point win, going Best of Breed and making the cut in the group as well!


We don't ask her to go to too many shows though...she's got a busy enough schedule with the kids!


Caygeon at 11 months...



Caygeon is also a talented little girl.  Here she is earning her HIC title.
Caygeon also passed the TT and CGN the same day!


For fun, Caygeon entered the HIC test again and passed on sheep this time!



Caygeon had a lovely litter of four puppies in 2007, sired by Nevar.
She is pictured here with them the week of their six month birthday.

Thank you to Chris and Bev for allowing us the opportunity to breed Caygeon!
Click the photo above to see additional photos of Caygeon's pups.



Caygeon is adored by (now) 8 year old Conner and 7 year old Becca, Chris & Bev's human kids.

Caygeon's Second Birthday Party!



Caygeon growing up...


As you can see, Caygeon was irresistable as a baby.
She was just "little".


Baby Caygeon


She was even cute from this end!!!