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Multi V-1 USRC Select Am/Can Ch Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks UDT, RAE, NA, OAJ, OAP, AJP, NFP, SchHIII, FH, BST,
2006 Top Ten Schutzhund III Rottweiler - Protection + Overall
2006 Top Ten Schutzhund II Rottweiler - All three phases + Overall
2006 ARC Top Ten Rally
Top Ten Bitch ~ November 2005 Standings
2005 ARC Top Ten Utility Obedience and Rally Novice
2004 ARC Top Ten Novice Obedience and Novice Standard Agility Preferred
2004 Top Ten Rottweiler Overall ~ Canada
MRC Hall of Fame ~ ARC Versatility Excellent ~ USRC Gold Merit Award
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, CERF 

Charm as seen in the Browntrout Calendars

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Charm is owned by Lynette & Will Nehmer.  She grew up with...
U-UD, U-AGII Blitzkrieg von der Fluegels UDX, RE, TDX, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, Can CD, OB1, WH, AD, BH, CGC (VCD3)
MRC Hall of Fame/ARC Versatility Excellent  & U-CDX, U-AGI Aries Nehmer HIC, CGC


One note before you view this page...
While Charm is a very hard working girl, she also gets to have a LOT of fun!
We think this balance helps her to be the very special dog she is.

Thank you to Lynette and Will for always making sure Charm enjoys life!


Charm the Genius at age 5 1/2



Charmie the Schutzhund Dog!

Lynette and Charm have taken to the Schutzhund field.
Seems that Charm is following in her dad's big pawprints and is becoming well known for
not only her intensity on the field, but her happy and outgoing temperament off the field.

Wow!!!  Charm and Lynette earn their Schutzhund II with 89-90-91a = 270 "pronounced"!!!


Photos by


Photo by Cindy Noland ~

Charm and Lynette have attended seminars with Roar Kjonstad (pictured above left)
and Michael Ellis and have found that this is the sport they really enjoy!!!

(Thank you also to Jose, above right, for letting Charm 'maul' him during regular training :-)


Charm earning her Schutzund II under judge Leo Muller, DVG

Big News... Charm earns her Schutzhund III title on
November 4, 2006!!!!



Charm is also doing really well in agility and is just one leg away from her AKC VCD2 title!!!

Charm collage courtesy of Amy Johnson ~ Great Dane Photos

Charm goes to her first agility trials and completes her UKC agility I and II titles in just three trials each!!!!!!!!!!

Charm also earned her first NAP and NJP legs at the 2004 ARC National with placements
and finished her OAJ title at the 2005 MRC Specialty with a first place win!

Most recently, Charm was High in Agility Trial at the 2005 ARC National Specialty!

News...Charm completes her OAP title to become our first VCD2 puppy!!!


Charm collage courtesy of Amy Johnson ~ Great Dane Photos

Charm at the 2008 ARC National Specialty


And she's also actively trialing in obedience,
completing her AKC CD and CDX titles with placements for every leg
finishing with a first in Novice B with a 198 which
qualified her for a Front and Finish Excellence award.

Charm was ranked in the ARC Top Ten for Obedience in 2004.
Just look at that attention!!!

Charm came to Canada and completed her CKC CD title with placements for every leg
and then goes on to earn her UKC CD with placements also!

Charm also is High Scoring Rottweiler (Novice B) at both the Saturday and Sunday
trials which are supported by the 2004 Northstar Rottweiler Club Specialty.

Click Here to see Charm in action!


Charm earns her UD title with placements for every leg!!!!!!! 

So, to recap...5 Obedience Titles, 15 Legs, 5 Firsts, 3 Seconds, 5 Thirds and a 2 Fourth placements!
Go Charmie!!!


Lynette and Charm at the 2007 MRC Specialty...Matching Smiles!


Charm winning back to back Reserve High in Trials at the 2005 ARC Specialty!


And not only is Charm a fabulous working girl, but a beauty queen as well!

Charm placed in her sweepstakes class at the 2003 ARC National Specialty,
the Ambred class at the 2005 National Specialty and at the 2003 & 2004 Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialties!!!

Charmie won her first four point major during the 2006 Hoosier Specialty weekend!

Then, at her very next show, Charm won two more four point majors to finish her AKC Championship!
Thank you to Holley Eldred for handling Charm to these wins.

In addition to finishing big, Charm is a Best of Breed winner in both the US and Canada.


Charm was awarded a V-1 Rating at the 2005 Kentucky Bluegrass Show.
She also passed the BST at this show and then went on to win USRC Select Female!!
Thank you to judge Erich Koenigsberger of Austria.  CLICK HERE to view Charm's BST report.

Charm was awarded V-1 in the Working Class at the 2006 SWRK/AIRK show as well!

Most recently, Charm was awarded V-2 in the Working Class at the 2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show!
This rating fulfills Charm's requirements for the USRC Gold Merit Award!!!!!

Click above to view Charm's USRC critique

Click above to view Charm's AIRK critique

Click above to view Charm's USRC critique


Most recently, Charm made all the cuts in the Best of Breed class
at the 2006 Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!
Not bad for a working girl!

Thank you to Julia Foster and Lisa Kronsberg for showing Charm!



Charm's newest fun!!!


Charm offering Ann a ride at the 2008 ARC National (where Charm earned her CS and CI titles)
Ann would like to point out that the cart was moving MUCH faster than it appears in this photo!


Charm the public relations genius...


Lynette and Charm also do public education demonstrations.
Here they are at the Decatur Zoo.


Click Here to see Charm's newest trick!!!


Charm is also a Registered Therapy Dog.
Here she is during her very first day in the first grade!!!


Charm and Alexis again!



Charm on Vacation in South Carolina ~ November, 2007


Pretty Charmie ~ Spring 2006


Charm in Canada ~ Spring 2004


Charm in Wisconsin ~ Fall 2005 ~ View Video Clip


Charm's 3rd Birthday present!


Baby Charmie at 8 weeks.