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Esmonds Lemieux Vanstone HIC
Hip Prelim "Excellent", OFA Cardiac-ECHO, CERF


Deke is our very special little boy from the Ely/Caygeon litter. 

Deke recently embarked on his "Big Adventure", heading to Australia
with John & Jeanine Belbin of Allerhochst Rottweilers

We wish the Belbins all the success in the world with Deke
and hope that they enjoy living with him as much as we did!

From the start, Deke appeared very promising and we hope that he lives up to the legacy of his namesake...

Mario Lemiuex (in French le mieux means "the best")

"He was big and strong but rarely had to bully his way through defenders, sending them flying instead with deft fakes and dekes. In him, the attributes of the pure scorer and the playmaker were fused and his size, reach and balance made his end-to-end rushes seem effortless. In a few long strides, with a twist of those wide shoulders and quick change of direction, he found space on the ice where previously the way had been closed. Forced to choose between his accurate and heavy shot or his long arms reaching around them with a sweeping move, goalies were often left shaking their heads while they retrieved the puck from the net. Rarely has a sport's dominant player made the game look so easy and natural."

"Mario Lemieux has a considerable number of records, and stands in comparison along with Wayne Gretzky as one of the best NHL players of all time."


Deke at 12 months of age



Deke is shown, above, with John during the Belbin's 2008 visit to Canada.


Deke and John in Australia!


Of course, we also got pretty attached to this wonderful little man!
Deke is shown with Mike, above, and with Connor & Becca Vanstone, below...


A young Deke and his friend, Briann



Deke had the opportunity to go herding while here and had a great time!



Deke at the pond...


Deke and his friend K8!


Deke also LOVES the snow!

Sister, Savvy, Butters the Boston, and Deke bringing up the rear.



Deke has proven to be the ultimate puppy socializer...




While Deke is here, we will enjoy getting to know him,
while also affording him lots of socialization opportunities.


So far, he's already been visiting Mike's Mom at the nursing home
and socializing with lots of new dogs...

  Wow... You look like a cloud!        I think I'll see what you taste like...       Ack! That didn't work out as well as planned!!!!


Waiting patiently while Mike orders a tea at the local coffee shop.



Deke vs. the Gourd...



Deke learning to swim!!!
Thank you to Brittney, Joey & Hannah for helping Deke love the water!



Would you believe that I was just walking through the house and found this big mess of toilet paper? 
I was just bringing it to you to show you!  Really... That's the truth...


Burgandy Boy

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