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Esmonds Dreaming Big in Vienna RTD, HIC
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Patella, Cardiac Clear, CERF



Most of you know "Shrimpy" from our second Simone/Oz litter.

Shrimpy got her name because she was a tiny little puppy out of a large litter of twelve.
From day one, we were sure that Shrimpy would not survive.  No one told her that however!

As the pups grew, Shrimpy stayed tiny, causing us to worry and worry.  There were some weeks in which she didn't gain at all.
But still, Shrimpy was strong and she appeared healthy.  She was just... well... Shrimpy.

Mike, of course, took a liking to Shrimpy and spent his days making sure she got to nurse first,
keeping her warm and clean, and eventually carrying her around and cooking omelets for her!


Finally the day came that Shrimpy was big and strong enough to go to her new home.
Mike chose Keith Mackay and Tammy Hampton!
"Shrimpy" is now Dixie and is thriving in her new home.  And she is a picture of health!


Dixie and her favorite person, Alicia!


Dixie also lives with 1/2 sister, Ember.
Dixie is following in Ember's footsteps by finding her niche as a therapy dog.


Dixie passing the Herding Instinct Test



Dixie when she was still Shrimpy...
I'm not sure we've ever had a puppy that we spoiled so much!

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