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Esmonds ObyGoshbyGolly Nordike CD, TDX,
RA, HT, PT, Can TD, TR1, AD, BH, HCT, TT
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Thyroid, CERF



Why the exclamation point?

Just wait until you meet her!

Dorlee is LOADS of fun!!!


Dorlee was back with us for awhile and is enjoying her time spent with Yngo.



As a baby, Dorlee looked so sweet but...

Don't be fooled!

Dorlee was the naughty puppy from our Gable/Beca litter.
In fact, Dorlee was the naughtiest puppy from quite a few litters!


So who more perfect for Dorlee than Norma Dikeman and Alex Monroe???!!!


So far, Dorlee has done well in just about everything, though it's all done with a certain zeal that is all her own!


Dorlee Stacked!


Dorlee and Alex earning their first AKC point!



Great News!!!
Alex and Dorlee earn their CKC Tracking Dog title the first time out!

And this was not only Dorlee's first TD, but Alex's as well!
Congratulations to both of you...we are so proud!


Wow!!!  Dorlee and Alex pass their first attempt the AKC TDX test with ease!!!

Comments from Judge Salle Richards:

Dorlee the Rottweiler did one of those tracks that brings tears to your eyes. She was a committed tracking dog from starting stake to glove, solving  some very advanced scenting problems as if tracking is as easy as fetching tennis balls.

Her two woods segments were so loaded with rocks and logs that could have been obstacles,  but we didn't even have room to put all of them on our charts. All those obstacles could just be called "change in cover"!!!

 I don't know what handler/owner Alex did to prepare herself to handle this dog perfectly, she let her work, encouraged her quietly and basically stayed out of her way and made sure she was well-hydraded, especially on the last leg -- 100 yards straight up heartbreak hill.

What she did, she should package it for the rest of us.




Dorlee is also herding and recently earned her AKC HT & PT as well as her AHBA HCT title!



Dorlee (Left) earned her AKC Rally Novice title at the
2006 CRC Specialty!!!  She is shown here with friend, Chopper.


Alex and Dorlee working toward their BH title.



See these photos of Dorlee and more in the 2006 Browntrout Calendars!



Baby Dorlee

How's that for a great retrieve???
Service with a smile!


Dorlee at 7 weeks.