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ARC Versatilty Dog
OFA Good

 April 4, 1998 - April 2, 2010  


Introducing Duck.

I can't count the number of times someone has called me to
tell me that they "just met a Rottweiler named Duck!"


I will take full responsiblity for the funny name, but heck,
who could be worried about a dog named Duck?
Sometimes I wonder if he would have had the super temperament
that he does had he not had such an approchable moniker ;-)


Eventually he found his forever home with Mike and Nancy Gannon of Sheboygan, WI.

And what a home he was going to.  Big fluffy couches, a house on the lake...
(and as you can see, Duck REALLY likes to swim...Click HERE or on the photo above for video)
Most importantly, he has two loving and doting owners.

Thank you Mike and Nancy for giving Duck the perfect life.
I couldn't have asked for more for him and thankful to Mike and Nancy for loving Duck so much.


11 year old Duck... Still sitting on Nancy!



Duck with Mike
and Nancy's granddaughter,

Nancy reports that Maddie loves Duck because he comes when called and sits when she asks him. 


And it seems that Maddie's found the key to Duck's heart...treats!

So if Duck seems a bit "pudgy", please know that it's only because he and Maddie are dilligently at work!

One of our favorite photos.


And as you can see, Duck turned into more than just their housepet.

He and Nancy have been doing wonderfully in agility
and just recently earned their AXP and AJP titles! 


Duck makes the ARC Top Ten Agility rankings in 2003!
In fact, he was the #10 Rottweiler in Novice Preferred,
# 6 Rottweiler in Novice Jumpers Preferred and
#1 in Open Jumpers Preferred!!!!!!!

Duck was also #2 in the ENTIRE WORKING GROUP
in Open Jumpers Preferred for 2003!

Duck is in the Top Ten for ALL BREEDS in the UKC stats and recently became
the second Rottweiler in history to attain the U-GRACh title!


So next time you see a Rottweiler named Duck at a trial,
please introduce yourself to Nancy.  You'll be glad you did!


Duck is trying something new!!!  He and Nancy are tracking and they're doing wonderfully!!!


They recently earned their AKC TD title which also qualified them for the AKC VCD1!!!!!!!!



Big News...Duck has a new housemate.  Meet "Goose".