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MACH Esmonds Opinicus v Nordike CD, TD, RN,
ARC Versatility Excellent and CRC Gold Achievement Eligible
Two Front and Finish Agility Gold Awards (eligible for a thrid)
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, CERF


Griffin is owned and adored by Dawn Neff of Virginia


Griffin is probably one of the happiest dogs you'll ever meet.
He's got all the right drives, with lots of energy to spare and a captivating personality.


Wanna Play?


Thank you to photographer, Diane Lewis,
for these wonderful pictures of Griffin!

Griffin also lives with:
Riven, U-CD Cammcastle's Mystic Riven CDX, EGC, OAC, OJC, OAJ, NA, TT, CGC

You can view his very own webpage HERE, but we also wanted to include him on ours :-)


Big News!!!
Griffin makes the cover of the 2009 Plato "Rottweilers" calendar!!!

And there's more... we just learned that he made the cover of a new training magazine...



Dawn and Griffin have an exciting career ahead of them!
They earned all of their agility titles in a one year period and are currently working toward the MX and MXJ titles!!


As you can see, Griffin is a VERY enthusiastic worker!

So far, Griffin has had TWELVE agility runs, qualifying in ELEVEN of them with TEN FIRST PLACEMENTS!!!


Griffin running agility at the 2008 ARC National Specialty


Thank you to Stewart Event Images for this Collage of Griffin!


Griffin at the 2011 Agility Invitational!


Great News!!!
Griffin earns his AKC TD title on his first attempt!


He and Dawn are enjoying tracking and are currently working toward the TDX!



Griffin also got to see his brother, Rebel, again at the ARC National!


Griffin knows how to enjoy himself more than just about any dog we know!


What makes you think that it was ME that ripped that toy???



Baby Griffin...

Here Griffin from his Browntrout Calendar photo shoot.
Watch for this photo and others in the 2006 Calendars!


Griffin shortly after he arrived home in Virginia.

And...who says a pretty face doesn't get you anywhere???
The photo of Griffin above won 14k-9's 2005 Photo Contest, netting Dawn a $500 gift certificate!!!
Click Here to see the other photos entered in the contest.


Red Boy

Red Boy

Griffin at five weeks of age.