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MACH2 Deerwood's Jettabella v't Yngo Am/Can CDX,
Am/Can TD, RAE3, Can RA, MXF, TQX, T2B, Ag.N, Ag.NJ, OB1,
ARC Gold Dam, CRC Gold Achievement Award, 2012 ARC Taxi Award
ARC Versatility Excellent Award. Multi HIT Winner
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO



Jetta is the anxiously awaited puppy for Pauline Karalia.
For those who don't know, Pauline tried to breed Izzie's Aunt, Gia, to Yngo
but unfortunately, the breeding did not result in puppies.


Pauline then brought Izzie to Yngo and things could not have gone better!
Izzie thrilled us with seven beautiful babies on January 17, 2005.

Pauline had eyes for Jetta early on and it seems that she picked the right one!
Best of luck Pauline and Jetta!!!


Jetta on vacation in Bobcaygeon ~ Spring 2007




Jetta is Jamming in agility!!!




Jetta earned her AKC TD title at the 2007 CRC Specialty!!!


Jetta earned her CKC TD title on November 12, 2006 at the Newark Tracking and Training Club!!!
Her critique is below.  Congratulations also to Pauline and uncle Harlo for earning his TDX that day!

The 5th dog was a Rottweiler, Deerwood's Jettabella V'T Yngo, AG.NJ owned by Pauline Karalia of Macedon N.Y.  The dog started strong and steady and went about the business of following the track with great precision and did a very nice job on the first leg, went right around on the first corner and continued to do an excellent job on the second leg and likewise on the second corner and third leg, followed right around on the third corner and picked up and did a nice job of the last leg that was a diagonal.  The dog was young  and did an impressive job working in a Schutzhund style of very steady and methodical.  The track was 410 meters and 4 turns.  The dog did the track in 9 minutes.  Congratulations on the new TD.  Track layer was Cindy Haidon.



Jetta's favorite person in the whole world...Johnny!

Nothing like growing up together!


Jetta's learning a new game...


Jetta comes from a long line of swimming dogs on both sides of her pedigree...


She also enjoys winter activities...


Jetta and her very patient playmate, Jillie (Nutmeg Farm's Jill NA, NAJ, CGC, TDI).


Jetta with her Great Great Uncle... Deerwood's Dux Von Mannix BH, TT, CGC, TDI

Jetta and her new housemate, Kora-Kaboom!



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