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Esmonds Joe Cool Parker Prince MX, MXJ, XF
MRC High in Trial - Agility 2003, 2004 & 2005
ARC Top Ten Agility 2003, 2005 & 2006
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, CERF

February 26, 2002 - June 1, 2010 
*Note from Joe*
Hello and welcome to my Super (Joe) Cool Webpage.
I also have a way cooler one from when I was a puppy that you can go to here:
Joe's Super Cool Puppy Page


Hey, big dog Joe here.
I've gotten a lot bigger since my last web page, but I'm still having as much fun as ever!


And not only have I grown up, but so have my girls...look how big they are!

I am a very busy guy exercising and protecting all these kids,
but hey, someone's gotta do it and who better than the new, supersized Joe!



I do get relaxation time though...
Mike taught me how to fly and there are competitions for this stuff!!!


Flash!!! Joe makes the ARC Top Ten in Agility in 2003 & 2005!



Mike also bought me a super *Joe* cool Grateful Dead collar and he got the matching tee shirt...

Guess what Mike and I did???

We won High in Trial both days at the 2003 MRC Agility Trial in Plano, Illinois!!!
I ran Saturday's jumpers course in 21 seconds (and those silly border collies think they're fast...)

Click here to see our 2003 MRC show report!

I also won High in Trial on Saturday at the 2004 MRC Agility Trial (from Excellent this time!)
I got to show off to my breeders also.  And not only did they think I was fast, but handsome too!

Me again...Mike and I went back to MRC in 2005 where I finished my OAJ title and also
won High in Trial BOTH DAYS again (if you're keeping track, that is THREE YEARS IN A ROW and I am 3 years old!)



I also help Mike in the form of "Motorcycle Navigator"
Notice how extra cool I look in my Biker Gear...


Here I am at the 2008 ARC National Specialty.
Those show dogs have nothing on me when it comes to cool-ness!



In my free time, I help Mike and the girls do their Public Education Demos...
Here I am jumping all four girls!  Good thing there are no more on the way!



I told you I was handsome.
(I also made sure that I had my Grateful Dead collar on so you could see it.)

Sondra kept telling Ann that I was and Ann kept saying that she didn't believe it.
Well, I guess we proved her wrong, didn't we???
Ann kept saying over and over again how much I resemble my famous dad, Yngo.
But guess what???  I'm MUCH bigger than him!  And someday I hope to be more famous!



This is my sister, Emma.
She thinks she's cool too, but she's not really (okay, maybe she's a little cool, but don't tell her I said it).
She does know some of the same tricks that I do though so that was definitely cool.
The AKC really should hold competitions for this stuff...I'd surely be Best in Show!



I hope you enjoyed my new webpage.  Come back and see me often.

Bye for Now...Joe