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V-Rated FDCh Esmonds Kaos in the Nite
2006 ARC Top Ten Herding

July 9, 2002 - March 21, 2008

Kaos is owned by Sue Ann Wolf and family of Folsom, CA


Kaos and housemates Nike (boxer) & Dragon CD, FDCh, TT, CGC (lab)



Unfortunately, we lost Kaos much too soon.  He succembed to Renal Cancer in early 2008.
Below are photos that Sue Ann had taken shortly before Kaos's death.

Thank you to Sue Ann and family for giving Kaos the life that we dream of for each of our pups.
He was truly loved by all of us.



Kaos, living life to the fullest!

Kaos, Calob & Dragon "swimming".


Kaos at the Lake


Digging to China.


Kaos and the favorite of all the Yngo puppies...The Big Blue Ball!


Kaos also shares his Dad's "Love for Life"



Learning to fly!!!


Kaos recently earned his Flyball Dog Championship!!!


What speed, what power, what...spittle??


And here's Kaos with his buddies from Flyball camp.



Kaos and Sue Ann did exceptionally well herding and we are proud to say
that they have earned the AKC HT, PT and HSAs titles as well as an ARC Top Ten ranking!!!


Kaos also earned his HCT...on ducks!



Kaos playing in agility.


Sue Ann and Kaos, earning the AKC CD with a first placement!!!


Kaos even dabbled in schutzhund!



What a lucky dog!
Driven up to the mountains just to play in the snow!!!



Kaos exercising.


A dog and his boy...


A dog ON his boy!

Both Kaos and Calob all grown up!



Kaos has some new wheels, and he reports that his mom took him with her
to the dealership to let him pick it out.  This is one spoiled boy!!!

Here he is, out in about...