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Esmonds Unforgettable Moment CDX, RA, HIC, CGN
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, CERF


Rayne is our spunky "Purple" puppy from the Gabe/Iza litter.
He is owned and loved by Collette Phillips-McCrea & Jeff and Haley McCrea of Ontario


There is a story about how the McCrea's ended up with Rayne...
They came to visit the puppies and throughout the entire evaluation process,
Rayne sat on Haley's lap.  When Haley put her coat on to leave, Rayne jumped up on
his playpen SCREAMING about the fact that Haley was leaving him!

Who were we to intervene when it's true love???



Rayne started his obedience career later in life due to his abundance of happiness.

He is shown, below, earning a Utility leg at 13 years of age!



Rayne and his Wubba!




Jeff and Rayne the day they earned their CGN title.


Rayne also lived with Storm...  OTCH Roborott's Vagabond Man TT

Collette has high hopes that Rayne will follow in Storm's foosteps in the obedience rings.
Haley hopes to show Rayne in the Conformation ring.


For now, he spends a LOT of time in Haley's lap!


Haley McCrea and Purple Boy

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