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Rumpel in Tiburon, California.

I have to admit that when Elisabeth first called and said that
she could not be put on our waiting list, I was suprised.

When she explained that it was because she was 74 years old, I was amazed!
After all, who would want an Yngo puppy when they are 74? 

After many phone conversations, I was determined to meet with Elisabeth,
even if I wasn't going to have a puppy available.  She seemed like an extraordinary
woman and I was intrigued to say the least when she offered me a history of what
she had accomplished in dogs.  Most importantly,  she seemed to truly love them.

When I met Elisabeth, I wasn't disappointed.
Yngo gave her his seal of approval, and off she went with Rumpel...
And for those wondering,  Rumpel means "Little Klutz".

Elisabeth did an outstanding job with Rumpel, earning his AKC TD and TDX titles with ease.
The report that I got said that he was the youngest dog, she was the oldest handler,
and that they did their track the fastest!!!  We are so proud of this team!


In her love for Rumpel, Elisabeth has made the decision to pass on the torch.
Rumpel is now with his new owner, Tara Arndt of Nebraska (below) and will
pursue his FEMA Search and Rescue Certification.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for giving Rumpel such an excellent start in life and
for allowing Tara to continue on with him!  We know you won't be disappointed.

Rumpel & Ezra

Watch for more to come from Tara and Rumpel...


As you can see, they really are happy together!


Some photos of Rumpel growing up...

Rumpel's idea of "crate training"


And as you can see, Elisabeth had some helpers in raising Rumpel.
Above is 11 year old Nina UDTDX
The note on the back of this photo was "I get my ears cleaned by Nina"


And on the back of this one,
"I get killed by that Aussie"


Rumpel is well socialized.
This photo was captioned "what the heck is that?"

Rumpel also lives with Oliver the cat, but I don't have any pictures.
From the reports that I've heard though, that cat not only rules the house,
but the entire neighborhood!


Nine Month old Rumpel and Eric, Elisabeth's Son.
Elisabeth reports that Rumpel will do anything for Eric.


What could be better than being loved so dearly?
Possibly being loved that much AND living by the ocean!