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CT Esmonds Will of Steel ASCA TD, OB1, TR1, BH, CGC
Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotics Police K-9


Steel is our self-designated "Police Dog" from the Yngo/Nova Litter.

He is owned by Lucy Newton and is certified as a dual purpose Patrol/Narcotics Police K-9 
by the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council.  Lucy and Steel work for the Winhall (Vermont) Police & Rescue Department.


Steel's dream since puppy-hood was to become a K-9 officer.  See his story, Below.


Steel couldn't wait for the cruiser to be HIS!

And now it finally is!!!


Steel certified very young for narcotics searches, and passed his AKC Tracking Test.


And, of course, he thinks that apprehension is the best game of all!!!


Steel was raised with Dugan, Esmonds Sixth Sense CGC
Wilderness Search & Rescue K9, NAPWDA Cadaver Detection Dog
and he also has a GSD squeeky toy named Calix... Calix v.d. Polizei, Patrol/Narcotics Police K9



Lucy and Steel recently had the opportunity to work at the Canadian/U.S. border.


You want to take WHAT into the country???
I don't think so!!!


Part of Steel's job is to do school demos.  This is his FAVORITE part of the job!!!


Steel passing the AKC Tracking Test with ease!  Hold on tight Lucy!!!


Lucy and Steel are a great team!



Baby Steel thinking he's King of the World!



Steel at 17 months.


Steel in his pool.


C'mon Mom!  Put the tracking harness on me!!!


Steel's story is a funny one.  When the litter was 4 1/2 weeks old, Lucy Newton came for a visit with Nova's brother, Dugan.
Part of her visit was to talk about whether we thought our future breeding plans might produce her next police dog.
Lucy's current K9 is Calix, a GSD, and we spent a lot of the week talking about the pros and cons of a Rottweiler as her working dog. 

Meanwhile, our little Steel boy was listening and he had plans of his own!

Tiny baby Steel was Lucy's shadow during her visit. 
Everywhere she'd go, he'd follow.  She was never out of his sight.
He only wanted Lucy and no one but Lucy!

By the last day of her visit, Lucy had snapped this photo.
Of course, she still swore that she did NOT need a puppy yet and went home to Vermont.

During the next few weeks, people who actually had been waiting for this litter came and went.
Each time, Steel was friendly, but always kept his distance in a "By the way, I already have an owner" kind of way.

Fast forward three weeks, and Lucy again made the drive up from Vermont.

Steel was VERY happy to see her again and, of course, it didn't hurt that he'd
already learned to recall on the words: "Who wants to be a Police Dog?"

Lucy and I performed many extensive Police Dog Evaluations (ie. fun puppy play with lots of kissing)
and eventually Steel proved to us without a shadow of the doubt that he was indeed "The One".

He even tried to convince us that he would win the Iron Dog competition someday!

So, Calix gave him his approval (Dugan was not as sure there needed to be another Rottweiler!),
and off they went...


Like any young Rookie, Steel couldn't wait to finish training so he can be promoted from his "Desk Job"!



Baby Steel vs. the Kleenex box!


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Steel two years after his original pumpkin patch shoot.