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Esmonds Streetcar Named Desire HIC, CGC


Note:  At 9 years of age, Stella came back to us after the passing of
her co-owner, Steve.  She will now live her life out with us.



She has managed to inherit all the beauty and sweetness from both of her parents,
plus just a few of grandpa Yngo's "bad dog" genes!

Stella is loud, demanding, determined, fast, smart and well, just plain naughty.
But she is so cute that she manages to get away with just about anything!



I guess this is what we get for linebreeding on Yngo!




Stella as a pup...


Stella is finally getting the hang of why we go to the lake!


Stella earning her Herding Instinct title at just 5 months of age!



Stella is already making trips to the nursing home.  She is shown here with Mike's Mom.


Stella and her new Doggie friends... K8, Calix and Slick...

Stella is spending so much time with herding dogs that she's starting to look like one with the pointy ears!


Stella and her new friend, Ryder.



Stella's first visit to the pond...
And a few minutes later


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