Wizard Catches the Easter Bunny!

Hi there, Wizard here...

I was roaming around outside last night and I caught the Easter bunny in the yard. I was so proud of myself&ldots;. It was my very first intruder!

Then I took it upstairs and put it on the bed. I lay down beside my mom and tried to wake her. Yoda tried to get my bunny and I growled at him . That did it, it woke my mom up. But she just told me to stop making noise.  So I growled again and got thrown off the bed. Well that didn’t go as planned; I wanted her to see my treasure. Then Yoda jumped on the bed and took my spot. He had the bunny and he started growling. Mom just wasn’t getting it and told him to be quiet too. In all fairness to her it was 2am, she not really very alert at that time at night.

Well when Yoda growled the second time mom got up to yell at him and grab the rabbit instead of Yoda. To say she was surprised would be the understatement of the year. You would not believe how fast she was out of that bed and had the lights on . Then she kinda growled at us (hey she was finally catching on about the bunny prize) Saying what the %^&*^% was that doing in the bed.

I really expected to get a cookie for my big catch, instead I was in put in the crate while she was deciding what to do with the Easter bunny. Mom packaged the bunny up and put all the blankets in the washer, something about not wanting to sleep with bunny parts. Then let me out of the crate, but locked the pet door. I’m SO underappreciated for my work.

Elaine Swancer & Wizar4d (Esmonds We're Off 2C The Wizard)