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Esmonds Timeless Treasure



The life of our beloved Tzara tragically came to an end on August 8, 2007 while doing one of her most favorite things.  While playing with her “cousin” Blackjack, a Labradoodle, the metal buckle of her rolled leather collar became entangled with one of Blackjack’s canine teeth.  In the struggle to free himself, Blackjack tightened Tzara’s collar to the point of asphyxiation and she was killed.  Cliff found the two dogs locked together and, once they were both freed from her treacherous collar, began CPR on little Tzara.  Sadly, she was already gone. 

Tzara was such a treasured member of our family and she will forever live on in our memories.  We have many of them, because she was truly enmeshed in every aspect of our lives.  Our only regret in the way that she was loved and cared for was in not removing her collar while playing with another dog.  This was the same collar she wore almost every day of her life and we thought it was safe because it was not a choke of any sort and it was kept close around her neck, but not tight, so as not to catch on anything.  We had also never before heard of such a thing happening.  We now know what a horrible mistake this can be and only hope that the sharing of her story will help to prevent another dog and family from suffering a tragedy such as ours.  To say that it is devastating is an understatement.

Godspeed Tzara...



Tzara is Cassie's special little pixie faced "Pink" princess from the Elvis/Emma litter.

From the start, it was evident that Tzara was the perfect match for
Crystal and Cliff Wyatt of California.






Tzara's new addition!



Tzara's photo shoot just before the baby arrived...



News...Tzara was chosen for the cover of the
2008 Browntrout Rottweiler Puppies Calendar!


As you can see, Tzara is very much loved...

...and she leads quite the cozy life!


Shelby helping to prepare Tzara for a home with two cats, Spango and Fat Bastard (pictured below)



Tzara's new trick...retrieving the newspaper!



Tzara growing up...

A stick for Grandpa Yngo!


Baby Tzara, keeping one eye open just to make sure she's not missing out on any fun!


Tzara stacked at 7 weeks.