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The Esmond CC Litter (6 Males/6 Females) born November 4, 2011

Am/Can/UKC CH Esmonds 
The Oz Man Cometh RN, TT, HIC, CGN
OFA Fair, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Thyroid, CERF

Multi BISS Select 1 Am/Can/UKC CH Eis Haus First Love of Kando
Am/Can CD, Am/Can RE, CS, CI, TT, CGN, RTD
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, Thyroid Normal, CERF, vWD-


Please help us to welcome our 2nd Oz/Simone Litter!!!

Congratulations to all of our new owners...

The Boys

      Red Boy ~  Esmonds Brazzaville v Kando (Bantu) ~ Co-owned with Gwen & Katlyn Kelly (Kansas)
      Brown Boy ~ Esmonds Oslo My Way or Norway (Rafter) ~ Co-owned with Monique Latteier (Utah)
      Navy Boy ~ Esmonds Moscow at Midnight (Viktor) ~ Co-owned with Chantal Ross (Ontario)
      Orange Boy ~ Esmonds Tokyo's Sumo Takeo (Sumo) ~ Owned by Sharon Naylor (Pennsylvania)
      Burgandy Boy ~  Esmonds Casablanca (Bogart) ~ Owned by Mike Antolik (Ohio)
      Hunter Boy ~ Esmonds Copenhagen (Torch) ~ Owned by Darlene LeBlanc & John Mutavdzija (Ontario)

The Girls

      Purple Girl ~ Esmonds Heart and Seoul (Ziva) ~ Co-owned with Sue Ann Wolf (California)
      Turquoise Girl ~ Esmonds London Westminster (Abbey) ~ Co-owned with Carol Jones (Maryland)
      Lime Girl ~ Esmonds Nairobian Princess (Kenya) ~ Owned by Carol Hayes, Cassi Rochin & Carlie Bucolo (Alaska)
      Pink Girl ~ Esmonds Suva'N Up a Mudpie (Pie) ~ Owned by Sue Trout (Ontario)
      Yellow Girl ~ Esmonds Belle of Brussles (Belle) ~ Owned by Kay & Bob Willmarth (Michigan)
      Shrimpy ~ Esmonds Dreams of Vienna (Shrimpy) ~ Owned by Tammy Hampton & Keith Mackay (Ontario)



We liked our AA Litter so much that we decided to repeat it!  But we didn't expect to get TWELVE!
Of course, Simone and Oz always were overachievers.

Please help us to welcome Esmond Rottweiler CC (Capital Cities) Litter!
So far, owners have reserved the cities of Seoul, Suva, Kenya, Brussels, Moscow and Toyko.

As always, Simone is the ideal Mother.  Between the strong pedigree, Simone's attentiveness,
and the wonderful homes that are waiting, these pups are already off to a promising start!


With so many puppies, we have to take aerial shots in order to get everyone into the photo!


Taking turns at the milk bar.

A special thank you to Sue Ann Wolf who always makes sure we have enough tiny collars.
They sure came in handy with this brood!



Pups are now four weeks old and are doing very well.
The large litter is a bit overwhelming to us, but Simone is still a tremendous help.
Puppies are clean, fat, and happy.  So far they are very attention seeking and social, just like Simone's other kids.



Poor Simone!
(she loves it, don't worry)



4 Week Candids...


5 Week Candids...


Our Puppy Party!


And we learned how to do steps!



Christmas Babies...

The End.
Thanks for watching us grow up.  We all have BIG plans... stay tuned!