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Multi BISS Select 1 Am/Can/UKC CH Eis Haus First Love of Kando
Am/Can CD, Am/Can RE, CS, CI, TT, HIC, CGN, RTD
ARC Gold Dam, 2011 ARC Top Producing Brood Bitch
2008 Eukanuba Classic Qualifier, 2009 Crufts Qualifier
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows: Left Normal/Right DJDI, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, CERF, OFA Patella,
Thyroid Normal, vWD-, Long Coat DNA Clear, JLPP Clear OFA Dental Certification


                                               "It's beauty that captures your attention;
                                                             personality which captures your heart."


Simone is the very beautiful girl from the Yngo/Maya breeding.
Mike and I decided awhile back that it was time to keep one more little girl,
but were specifically hoping for one with a lot of "Yngo-ness". 

And Simone's got it!
Thankfully, Simone also has all of Maya's sweetness, meaning she's able to get away with just about anything!


Simone at almost 8 years old.  We don't know where the time went!
Keep scrolling down for glimpses into the wonderful years that we spent with Simone and her pups.



Simone had a fantastic amount of success in her very limited show career...


Simone started out with a bang, winning WB/BOW and Best of Breed over a special her first time out at 12 months of age.

Next, she was Winners Bitch at the 2007 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty (above)
and also Winners Bitch at the all breed show the same day!

At her very next show, she was WB/BOW/BOS for Four Points to finish her Championship!!!


Simone was next shown in the U.S. by her breeder, Valerie McGraw.
She was RWB at the 2008 CRC Specialty and then
finished her Championship the next day at the big Bucks Co. show!!!


Simone was shown only five times as a special and only at specialties.
The results are below..

Simone's very first time out as a special, she surprised us all by winning
BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the 2007 RCC Eastern Ontario Regional Specialty!!!
Simone was only 13 months old at the time!


Big News!!!
Simone wins another BEST IN SPECIALTY...
This time at the 2008 Canadian National Specialty!!!!!


Most recently, Simone was BOSS at the 2008 RCC Central Ontario Regional Specialty!


Just two weeks later, Simone also wins BOSS at the
2008 Emerald Valley Rottweiler Club Specialty in Cleveland, Ohio!!!


Simone & Mike at the 2008 ARC National Specialty, where she made it to the final cut.


Simone has attended only one Sieger Show...
The 2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
where she did very well, winning VP 1 and Best Puppy Female!!!

Her critique from the show...

2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
USRC Judge Lucy Ang

11 Months.  Very substantial.  Good bone and very good substance.  Typey female head.  Very good stop.  Broad back skull.  Short broad muzzle.  Meduim sized ears, somewhat high set, could lie closer to the head.  Brown eyes.  Mouth pigment dark purple.  Strong neck, excellent top and underline, excellent chest development.  Very good forechest.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Tail is docked.  Excellent coat, light brown markings, should be somewhat smaller on the chest.  Scissor bie, complete dentition.  Very good free movement.



More Simone Candids



Simone earned all three legs of her CKC CD title with first placements!!!
She also earned her CKC RN title the same weekend!

Simone then went on to finish her AKC CD title with scores of 195 & 196 and two more first placements!
She also earned her AKC RA title with placements the same weekend as the CD!!!


Simone's newest venue!
At her first Carting trial (the 2012 ARC National), Simone came in 1st in Carting started and
2nd in Carting Intermediate.  She also won Reserve High in Trial!!!


Simone loves the advanced work!


Simone learning a motivational retrieve!


Simone also tried her "paw" at herding just after her first litter was born and did a FANTASTIC job!



Simone when she's not playing Beauty Queen...



Simone playing by the pool at Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach's house...


Simone at age 7 and after four litters!  She's as amazing as she always was!!!


Still pretty frisky at 7 1/2 years of age!



Simone and her favorite person in the entire world... Mike's Mom, Doreen!
Simone is a regular at the nursing home that Doreen lives in. 


Simone and her friend, Brianne


Simone and her friends, Kurt and Alexis Bauer...


What Simone prefers to do at dog shows and
What Simone prefers to do at home...


Silly Simone, checking out who is at the front door.



Despite doing VERY well in all of her endeavors, Simone's true calling is being a Mother.
She absolutely loves her puppies and sends them all home with more than a few of her "Princess traits".

In 2009, Simone blessed us with a gorgeous litter of 11 puppies!
Click Here to see the Y Litter

News... This litter tied Simone for the Top Producing Bitch for 2011!


In 2010, Simone gave us seven wonderful pups!
Click Here to see the AA Litter

In 2011, Simone amazed us with a litter of 12 healthy babies!
Click Here to see the CC Litter


In 2013, Simone had her fourth and final litter and it was another big one!
Nine pups out of Albert kept us very busy.
Click Here to see the FF Litter


We are proud to say that Simone's kids have been instrumental in starting breeding programs
for quite a few new breeders.  We hope that these lines make each of you as happy as they have us!



Simone growing up...


9 month old Simone and Cassie Jackman...matching smiles!


Simone at 6 months.



From the start, Simone has proven that she's something special...

On our trip back to Canada, we stayed at the Kalamazoo, MI, Red Roof Inn.
I let Simone out of the van first and put her in the room so I could walk the big dogs.
When I came in, I couldn't find her anywhere...checked the bathroom...
checked under the bed, in her crate, but never looked UP...when I did, this is what I found...

The only thing we can figure is that she climbed up onto her crate to get up there...
So, I put her back on the floor, went out to get her food and found her up there AGAIN!!!
She slept there from 11pm until 5am without a peep and without disturbing anything else.

We should have known then that there would be no stopping Simone!


Like Father, Like Daughter...


Simone Redecorating!


Simone watching the bitework at Iza's Schutzhund trial...


Simone learning about the natural diet!
(actually this watermelon was courtesy of Daddy, Yngo.  Go see...)


Simone with half sister, Charm.
We're hoping some of Charm's genius rubbed off on Simone!


Simone stacked at 7 weeks.


Thank you to Valerie McGraw and Gwen Kelly for entrusting us with Simone!