Are you wondering about the name???

ESMOND   m   English
Derived from the Old English elements east "grace" and mund "protection".

To us, there is no better fitting name for a properly bred Rottweiler...
Graceful enough to win in the ring, but ever ready to protect his family.

Esmond Rottweilers began in 1990, when I (Ann) adopted my first Rottweiler, Max, from a Wisconsin humane society.  Max was a dog who was surrendered by his owner because their cocker spaniel did not like him.  I knew I wanted a large dog, but had to admit to the man at the pound that I didn't even know what a Rottweiler looked like.  He took me back to meet Max and I instantly fell in love.  Little did I know that my cute 6 month old Max would turn into a 140# dog!  As a playmate, Max eventually found Maxine (I know, just a little too cutsie).  Maxine was a Rottweiler/GSD mix.  She recently passed away at nearly 13 years of age and we miss her dearly.  Maxine was material in training and socializing the young Esmond pups over the years.

Unfortunately, Max's life was cut short and, in my next dog, I sought out one that I could train and compete with in obedience.  Quilla not only earned her CDX, but also became my first "show dog".  Together we had many best of breed, group, and specialty wins.  Quilla was truly my teacher and I have great appreciation for her ability to succeed despite a painfully novice handler.  Through the years, she never lost her zest for life or her ability to make judges and spectators laugh.  Quilla gave 110% to everything she did, making her a joy to handle and train.  Quilla has since passed.  However, her legend lives on though her kids and grandkids. 

I enjoyed Quilla so much that I went back to the same breeder and brought home Tressy.  Tressy was my Novice A dog and while Quilla was winning in the conformation ring, Tressy trained me in obedience, agility and herding.  Quilla and Tressy went on to produce Champions, as well as Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Herding and Schutzhund titled pups.  We are thrilled to say that both Quilla and Tressy are now ARC Gold Dams.   Thank you to all the owners of their wonderful puppies who helped to make this dream a reality.   And thank you to breeder, Ed Ertman, first for breeding these outstanding girls, and also for your support over all these years.

In 1994, I decided that I'd like to see what it was like to own a Male.  My search led me to purchasing an Endo von der Tuefelsbrucke son, Falco.  Falco was a large dog and proved to be quite a handful.  He taught me what true Rottweiler temperament was.  Falco grew to be a very good dog and produced just one litter for me.  But, from that litter, he gave me the first love of my life, Calvin

Shortly thereafter, Gambol entered the picture.  She was gifted to me by Darline Collins, who at the time owned Gambol's sire.  Gambol was a dream to work with.  Words cannot describe the respect and admiration I still have for her, even years after her passing.  She is truly a once in a lifetime dog both in the rings and in the whelping box.  However, her kids made me believe that lightning can strike twice.  We are pleased to announce that Gambol is now an ARC Gold Dam and that her grandkids are now excelling in the rings.

From these three girls, came nearly every pup that you see the "Esmond" name on in our formative years.






In the Summer of 2000, Mike entered my life.  Mike Jackman has been in Rottweilers since 1986.  He has had great success with his Rottweilers over the years, breeding dogs under the "von Damien" kennel name with his ex-wife, Irene (Click here to view some of the "von Damien" Champions).  Together, they bred and/or owned some of the top winning and top producing Rottweilers in Canada.  A few of the great dogs who were owned by, or lived with, Mike are below.  From left to right are...

CH Damien's A Sly Guy CD
Am BIS, Can BISS, Select, Am/Can CH Black Oak's Archangel CD, CGC
V-1 FCI Int'l CH, Select CH Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen SCHIII, FH, AD, CGC
CH Damien's Intrepid Tycoon CD

~ SLY  ~

~ ARCO ~

~ AIKO ~

~ TY ~

Mike is best known for breeding and handling the top winning Rottweiler, of all time, in Canada:

Multi BIS/BISS CH I'm Oliver von Damien CD, CGC, RTD

Together, Mike and Oliver amassed 168 Best of Breed wins, 135 Group Placements, 13 All Breed Best in Show wins and 3 Best in Specialty Show wins.   Oliver was #1 Rottweiler/#3 working dog in 1993.  In 1994, he was  #1 Rottweiler, #1 Working, #4 All Breeds.  Oliver recently passed away, but clearly made his mark on Rottweilers in Canada.  Oliver was owned and loved by Bob Collis and Family.


Multi BIS/BISS CH I'm Oliver von Damien CD, CGC, RTD


And not only did I fall in love with Mike, but I also fell in love with his current dog...

Multi V-1, Sieger, Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Yngo van het Dornedal Am/Can CDX, Am/Can TD, SchHIII, FH, BST, BH, TT, CGC

A very young Yngo van het Dornedal (now 11 1/2 years old)
Yngo was attending his first show when we met.  He and Mike have done great things since...

Click on Yngo's photo to view his page.


To make a very long story short, I moved to Ontario, Canada,
and Mike and I were wed on June 22, 2001.

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