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Esmond Rottweilers began in Franklin, Wisconsin in 1991.  This is where our A through H Litters were born.  In the Summer of 2000, Mike and Ann met at the Oxford County Kennel Club Dog Show.  We were married the following year.  At that time, Ann, along with her Esmond Rottweilers moved to Bobcaygeon, Ontario.  We remained in Bobcaygeon for 10 years, producing our I through BB litters. 

In 2011, we relocated to Little Britain, Ontario (home pictured at left).  We have a bit less property here, but it's set up very nicely for the dogs.  We are blessed to live in an area consisting mostly of trees, lakes and fresh air.  It truly is "God's country" and we couldn't ask for a better place to raise the dogs. 


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
                   If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
                                                                   ~ Herman Cain



Our Team

Despite all of our successes, being a breeder is not easy.  Having an excellent support system is what carries us through the bad times and helps us enjoy the good times to the fullest.  Thank you to all who have been our "support" over the years...

You'll notice a co-breeder/co-owner on many of our pups...Tammy Ausloos of Wisconsin.  Tammy and I co-owned Goldi, Tie, V, Dante, Rumor in the past and continue to co-breed to this day.  Tammy has been a wonderful friend and our relationship is proof positive that co-breeding/co-ownership can be a beautiful thing if we choose the right people to work with.  You'll see Tammy out and about doing Agility and Rally with the dogs we co-own.  Thank you Tammy for being such an important part of our lives!  I can't imagine our breeding program, or my life for that matter, without you!

We've also co-bred litters with many others: 

Don and Pearl Thompson were the breeders of our girl, Gambol.  They have been excellent examples to me as I found my own way as a young breeder.  I can't thank them enough for allowing me to share my life with Gambol and for their friendship and encouragement during those twelve years. 

Norma Dikeman and I began our relationship when I tried to breed into her lines ten years ago.  She later helped us to acquire Beca as a lovely addition to our breeding program.  Thank you Norma for always reminding us that working abilities and longevity must come first. 

Julia Foster started out handling my dogs at the odd show that I couldn't make it to.  Since then, she has grown into a very valued friend, finishing nine generations of Esmond Rottweilers  Because hers is a different breed (GSDs), Julia has been able to offer me an unbiased viewpoint in regard to breeding and temperament and has often helped me to stay on course as a breeder.  Thank you Julia for always being there and for caring for our dogs like they are your own. 

I met Cassie Levy the same weekend that I met Mike.  Cassie, thank you for your unwavering support for Mike throughout the years and for your friendship now.  Cassie and I co-owned Emma and Ely.  Donna Wielert had been a friend for many years and eventually we found her a beautiful girl named Bailey who far exceeded all of our expectations.  We've also enjoyed co-breeder relationships have been with Chris & Bev Vanstone who owned, Caygeon,  Becky and Tony Dove who owned Mia, Peg Langdon & Nan Faile, who own Jemme, Perri and Andrew Yinger who own Clover, Barbara Young who owns Pebbles, Kathy Lovan who owns Maggie, Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach who own Kellen and Sue Ann Wolf, who owns several of our dogs and to whom we leased Itchy and Lisa Wingerter and Patty Terrio for allowing us to co-breed the litters from Beejus.  We can't thank each of them enough for allowing their lovely girls to contribute to our breeding program.  From these co-breedings, we hope to produce our next generation of Champion Working dogs.

A special thank you also to the breeders who have used Yngo and continue to let us enjoy those puppies throughout their lives... Becky Giddings (Lakina), Steve and Betsy Milligan and Carol Beasley (Spirit's/Ikon), Dave Makar (Rudez), Pauline Karalia (Deerwood), Donna Anderson (Hemlock), Kathy Lovan (Halo), Cheri Hagen/Sandy Overgaard (Stoneridge/Pepperhaus) and Gwen Kelly and Valerie McGraw (Kando/Eis Haus).  As most know, I was hesitant to offer a dog at outside stud and stopped offering him rather quicly once we had quality pups on the ground.  Thank you to each of you for making this such a satisfying experience.  I can't express how much joy I've had watch Yngo's pup in the rings, and also helping to move other breeding programs forward.

Periodically, we will use a stud dog from outside of our own breeding program.  Thank you to the wonderful stud dog owners we have forged relationships with over the years... Darline Collins, Deb Cherney, Debbie Howard, Eleanor Jackson, Tina Church, Stuart & Sue Larsen, Bruce & Lorretta Sobotta, Valerie McGraw, Chris & Chalase Peddicord, Stacie Fults, Kathy Howse and Kelly Mak.

We also bring in new lines from time to time.  We'd like to thank breeder Suzan Otto (Cammcastle) for allowing us the opportunity to add Itchy to our pack, John and Jeanine Belbin of Australia for the addition of Jill and, Leslie Freid and Deborah Banko (Braeside) for letting us bring Albert into our lives. 

Most importantly, thank you to the best family we could imagine.  Mike and I have both spent one too many holidays at dog shows or have attempted to "squeeze in" doggie events during family visits.  I am very thankful to my parents, Ralph and Kathy Felske, for always supporting me in my endeavors, not the least of which was moving to Canada!   The quality of our dogs is a reflection of their high standards and conviction that I would succeed in whatever I chose in life. 

We are also grateful for the ongoing support of Mike's daughters, Sarah and Cassie.  The kids have spent many long days at shows and trials, attempting to appear interested in the goings on.   They have had to arrange more than one Christmas Day around breedings, yet never complained.   The support of both of our families is what has allowed us to enjoy the successes over the years.  Thank You!  We love you!

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to our outstanding veterinarians.  We are blessed to have had Dr. Kerstin Kelly of Fenelon Animal Clinic, caring for our day to day needs, often at odd hours or on very short notice, Dr. George Hillis (and Mary!) of East Oshawa Animal Hospital and also Dr. Robert Hutchinson of Animal Clinic Northview doing our reproductive work and Dr. Michael Luethy, of Illinois, who has been cardiology clearing our dogs since the 1990's.  Without their guidance, our breeding program would not have become as successful as it is. 

Lastly, a sincere thank you to all of our wonderful owners for always loving your dogs...without you, we couldn't continue to do what we love most in life. 
                             ~ Ann & Mike


Personal Updates

Mike is now licensed to judge all breeds and has judged Rottweiler Specialties in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.  Mike competes in conformation, tracking and schutzhund. 

Ann continues to manage the breedings.  She shows periodically in conformation, obedience and rally.  Ann is now eligible to judge all of the Working and Sporting breeds. 

Sarah is now a nurse, working in the Emergency Room at Ross Memorial Hospital.  Cassie completed her undergraduate degree at Queen's University.  We couldn't be more proud of the women they have become. 

You will see us at considerably fewer shows these days.  However, we do hope to attend some of the large specialties, and continue to enjoy it when fanciers come to visit us.  Our goal is to continue to mentor others so that they can move forward with the bloodlines that we have worked hard to cultivate.



We are proud to say that, as of September 1, 2019, Our dogs and pups have earned the following titles and awards...

70 AKC Championships, 66 CKC Championships, 11 AKC Grand CH, 3 CKC Grand CH, 2 CRCHX, 26 UKC Championships, 2 UKC Grand Championships
2 Am BISS, 10 Can. BISS, 12 Am BOSS, 10 Can BOSS, 18 AOM/ARC/RCC Select, 9 CKC BIS, 6 UKC BIS
67 AKC CD's, 36 Can. CD's, 39 AKC CDX's, 11 Can. CDX's, 19 AKC UD's, 2 AKC UDX, 1 UDX2, 1 UDX5, 1 AKC OTCH, 4 Can OTCH's, 9 UKC CD, 3 UKC CDX
27 AKC TD's, 17 AKC TDX's, 21 Can TD's, 8 Can TDX, 7 VST/AKC Tracking Champions, 2 CKC Urban Tracking Dogs
31 AKC NA's, 26 AKC NAJ's, 17 AKC OA's, 18 AKC OAJ's, 16 AX's, 13 AXJ's, 9 MX, 11 MXJ, 5 NF, 3 OF, 3 XF, 3 MXF, 7 MACH, 1 MACH5, 1 MACH7
8 Can. Ag.N's, 4 Can. Ag.NJ, 3 Can. Ag.I, 3 Can. Ag.IJ, 1 Can. Ag.X, 1 Can. Ag.XJ, 10 U-AGI's, 6 U-AGII's, 5 U-ATCH's, 3 U-ACHX, 1 U-GRATCH, 2 AAC ATCH's
15 AKC HT's, 14 AKC PT's, 6 AKC HSAsd, 1 HIAd, 81 HIC's, 8 HCT's, 6 JHD, 1 HTD1s, 2 HRD1, 1 Herding Champion (Dual Champion)
60 Novice Rally, 39 Rally Advanced, 41 Rally Excellent, 11 Rally Advanced Excellent, 1 RAE2
20 V-1's, 25 Other V-Ratings, 2 Sieger Titleholders, 2 Siegerins, 4 Youth Siegers, 2 USRC Select, 6 Best Puppy in Sieger Show
4 Sch1's, 4 Sch2's, 4 Sch3's, 2 IPO1, 1 IPO2, 3 IPO3, 7 FH's, 2 FH2's, 5 AD's, 27 BH's, 3 BST's, 1 ZtP, 1 UKC FO, 1 Certified Search and Rescue Dog
70 CGC's, 35 Can. CGN's, 87 TT's, 28 Registered Therapy Dogs, 1 Draft Dog, 10 Carting Started, 4 Carting Intermediate, 6 Coursing Ability, 1 Flyball Champion
18 ARC Top Ten Agility Dogs, 10 ARC Top Ten Obedience Dogs, 3 Top Ten Schutzhund Dogs,  3 Dog World Award Winners & many High in Trial winners
plus, 12 MRC Hall of Fame Award Winners, 2 ARC Gold Sires, 9 ARC Gold Dams, 2 ARC Silver Dams, 1 ARC Bronze Sire, 3 ARC Bronze Dams
11 ARC Versatility Excellent Dogs, 1 ARC Versatility Dog, 5 AKC VCD1s, 4 AKC VCD2
1 Dual Purpose Police K-9