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Multi V-1 Multi BOSS Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Iza One
and Only Am/Can CDX, Am TDX, Can TD, RE,
OFA Good, OFA Elbows DJDI Unilateral, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, CERF, Thyroid Normal, vWD-

#1 Rottweiler Overall in Canada 2006
2006 Top Ten Schutzhund III Rottweiler - All three phases & Overall
ARC Gold Dam ~ MRC/RCC Hall of Fame ~ ARC Versatilty Excellent
Multi High in Trial Winner (CKC Obedience & Schutzhund HITs)
USRC Gold Merit Award ~ CRC Gold Achievement Award
UKC Total Dog Award Winner


Iza is our singleton puppy out of Elvis and Gambol.

From day one, we've had very high hopes for her, and Iza's never let us down.
Iza is extremely smart, very well balanced and always up for something fun!


And even though there's only one of her, she is proving to be everything we could have
asked for in both a show and a working dog.   She is so much like her dam, Gambol,
that even we have trouble telling them apart sometimes!

Iza at age Five...

Although Iza has accomplished quite a bit,
she's is just as happy accompanying us on vacation, or relaxing at home.
She is pictured above (VERY pregnant!), on the shore of Lake Michigan while visiting Mike and Nancy Gannon.


Iza can be found in the 2007/2008 Browntrout Calendars.

Have you seen the new "Rottweiler" Hyundai commercial?  Yup, it's our very own Iza!!!


Great News...Iza was the #1 Rottweiler Overall (Breed & Obedience) in Canada in 2006!!!



Iza earned her AKC TD title with her favorite friend, Larry Bzdon.
Huge thanks to Larry for working with her and for being the only one to pass their track that day!
Iza also earned her Can TD title with ease (with Ann that time)! 

Flash...Larry and Iza earned their AKC TDX title with a fabulous run on May 1, 2005!!!


Iza and Larry do it again...
Passing the FH, SchHI (96-90-84 = 270"a"/High in Trial), and SchH2 (85-90-80"a"/High SchH2) on their first tries!
They are pictured above, going High in Trial for their Schutzhund I and below, going High SchH2 to obtain that title.


Iza earned her BST at the 2004 USRC National Schutzhund Championships!
Thank you to judge Anton Spindler, ADRK, for your nice words about Iza!!!

Click here to view the BST form

Candids from the event...

Special thanks to Dave Garot for the photos above.

Iza then came home to earn her Can CD title with placements for every leg (with Ann)
and a Top Ten finish in the 2003 Rottweiler Club of Canada's obedience standings.
The following year, Iza completed both the AKC and CKC CDX titles with an All Breed High in Trial along the way!

Next, Iza and Mike hit the Schutzhund field and earned the
Schutzhund III on their first attempt and after just 3 weeks of training together!

Some Schutzhund III candids... Click any photo to enlarge

Iza's scorebook ~ We are proud to say that Iza went from BH to SchHIII/FH without failing a trial,
that each trial was on a different field, and with three different handlers along the way!!!
She has also been "pronounced" at every trial!
(Click to Enlarge)


Mike and Iza earned the IPOIII title on September 17, 2006
with scores of 96-86-91'a' = 273!!!!!

Click on the photos above to see video of Iza performing those exercises.

Mike and Iza pass the FH2 on June 3, 2007 with a score of 85!!!!!!!


"Pleasure in the Job puts perfection in the Work"
                                                     ~ Aristotle


While we're thilled that Iza turned out to do so well in the rings, it's Iza's temperament that we're most proud of.
She's as comfortable playing with children as she is bringing down the helper on the Schutzhund field.
In fact, Iza is now certified as a Registered Therapy Dog!



In between the working stuff, Iza is an aspiring "show dog".
She is multiple Best of Breed Winning and Group Placing Bitch!


Iza winning Best of Opposite Sex at the 2006 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!!
The next day, Iza won the Award of Merit at the 2006 Rottweiler Club of Canada's
Western Ontario Regional Specialty!

Iza was also Best of Opposite Sex at the 2005 Northern Ontario Regional Specialty!


Iza also placed at the following Specialties from the classes:

2005 Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty
Winners Bitch (shown)

2003 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners at 17 months


2003 MRC Specialty
3rd Bred by Exhibitor Bitch

2004 ARC Region V Specialty
1st Bred by Exhibitor Bitch

2004 Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty
1st Bred by Exhibitor Bitch

2005 ARC Region V Specialty
2nd Bred by Exhibitor Bitch


Iza in the Veterans ring at the 2010 Rottweiler Club of Canada National Specialty.


Iza's Sieger Show Critiques...

V-1 at the 2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
Thank you to judge Lucy Ang, USRC

Critique ~ Five years old.  Medium sized with very good bone and substance.  Very good female head.  Broad back skull, medium sized ears, could lie a little closer to the head.  Medium stop.  Medium brown eyes.  Dark mouth pigment, complete scissor bite.  Strong neck.  Very good chest width and depth.  Excellent topline and underline.  Tail is docked.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Very good coat with medium brown markings.  Free far reaching gait.

V-3 at the 2005 Canadian National Sieger Show
Thank you to judge Gerhard Apel, ADRK

Critique ~ Correct in height, very harmonious, very typey, very nice typey head, correctly carried ears, dark eyes, black mouth pigmentation, excellent top and bottom line, correct croup, excellent shoulders, straight forearms, deep and wide chest, excellent coat, correct markings in color and size, strong hind quarters, excellent standing and excellent in angulation, correct movement, scissors bite.

V-1 at the 2004 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show...
Thank you to judge Anton Spindler, ADRK

Critique ~ Scissors bite, dark mouth pigmentation, tall, strong build, alert, dark brown eyes, strong skull, correct ears, broad back, deep chest, correctly angulated, strong muscle on the rear end, short coat, nice clear markings, free movement.

V-2 at the 2004 Chicago Landesgruppe Sieger Show
Thank you to judge Bianka Miksic-Kasun, FCI

Critique ~ 2.5 years old, complete scissors bite, friendly, lively, middle strong bone, broad forehead slightly wrinkled, small ears good set and carried, middle stop, dark eyes, could have better fill in cheeks, good length of muzzle, excellent pigmentation of lips and gums, nice dry neck, nice chest and forechest proportions, straight backline, good croup, middle angles front and rear, very nice coat, clear markings of good color, strong rear legs, free fluid movement.


Iza also earned her UKC Championship with a Group Placement
and Total Dog award at the 2006 Premier!

She is pictured above at age 5 1/2.  She mostly plays in the woods and the lake now,
but still has a few goals she hopes to accomplish!


Iza at age Six...


Iza at age Eight...


Baby Iza

Starting off right...
Iza and Mike watching Westminster at two weeks of age.

And below at 6 weeks...