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Esmonds Quantum Leap HIC, CGN

Unfortunately, Arlo succumed to Parvovirus at nearly two years of age.  He was fully vaccinated and they "why's" remain a mystery.  Thank you to Carolyn for giving Arlo so much love during his short life. 

A donation of $750 was made to the Rottweiler Health Foundation in Arlo's name by the following people: Nan Faile & Peg Langdon, Cassie Levy, Ann Felske-Jackman, Hedy, Jim, Jazz & Ella, Jacqui Woodhall, Jen Young, Diane, Jim & Desmon, Dawn Neff, Tammy Ausloos, Lisa Kramer, Karen & Bill Carroll $25, Barbara Young, Judy Phoenix & Elvis, Pat and Ron Carkoski, Skip & Kelly Skiptunas, Cathy Krell & Aspen, Dawn and Kyah, Toes, Joe, Wynnie and Kamo, Janel & Paul Bush, Steve & Patton, Cris, Eric & Sam, Bill, Cassie & Thor , John and Jill Hart, and the Ferndale Corgis, Michelle & Buca, Mike & Nancy Gannon, Duck & Goose, Emmy Verkozen, Lucy and Yonah, Trish, James and Parker, Vicki Dunn, Collette, Jeff, Haley, Storm & Rayne and Frank & Cheryl Carruthers


Arlo is owned and loved by Carolyn Kinghorn of Ontario


Arlo has big paws to fill as a therapy dog.
For now, he's growing up and he and Carolyn are having fun!


Arlo recently attended his first show, the 2005 Rottweiler Club of Canada National Specialty...
where he won second place in both his Regular and Sweepstakes classes to brother Ely!!!


Arlo also joined us herding.
He did a fabulous job and earned his HIC title (sheep) easily.
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