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Esmonds Perpetual Motion CDX, RAE, OJP, BH,
2008 ARC Top Ten Obedience
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, CERF



Aspen is owned by Cathy Krell of Texas.
Aspen came by her registered name honestly....she's Non-Stop!


It is a very long story about how Cathy came to end up with Aspen.
Many years of waiting on Cathy's part... Many litters evaluated on our end...


In the end, everything felt so right this time that we really are staring to believe
that Cathy's heart dog, Shady (U-CDX GoldRock's Aspen Shade UD), led her to this pup.

Hence, her call name...Aspen.


Aspen has BIG news!!!

Aspen is now 13 years old and has had her visit with Dr. Waters!!!



She not only earned her CD, TT, CGC and TDI at the 2008 ARC National Specialty,
but won Reserve High in Trial with a score of 198 on Wednesday!!!
She also made the cut in the Open Bitch class, earned two Rally Excellent legs and ran her first agility trials...
Talk about a versatile girl!!!

A couple of candids of Aspen at her obedience trials.


Aspen at age eight.  She still loves her work!



Aspen's first show with her handler was a great success!
She and Julia were Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for two points!!! 



Santa's little helper!


A working dog... That’s what Aspen is! 
And what a helper she is!

Laundry – any stray socks/underwear/small towels that fall out of the laundry basket, washer or dryer are quickly scooped up! (of course, I have to pay for their return)

The Floors – any item on the floor that is not supposed to be there, is picked up and brought to me... for payment, of course. She makes many trips through the house daily to pick up everything the cats knock off the counters. The things that girl brings me is amazing! I lost a button off of a favorite shirt and figured it was long gone. Nope, Aspen found it that night and took it to Diana while I was at work! She seems to know what we are looking for!

The Mail – as I go through it, I tear off addresses to shred before either recycling the rest or throwing it away. Any pieces that fall on the floor are caught by Miss Eagle Eye who is watching intently. (returned to me for payment)

Recycle Items – as I go through the never ending piles of things that either need tossed or thrown away, trips to the other room to the recycle bin are made easier by Aspen  carrying things for me (for a price, of course)

Exercise – she reminds me numerous times a day that we must exercise often in order to remain in shape. She thinks that kicking her squeaky ball for her, running from her while she tries to bump me with her tire or when she tries to shake her ball on a rope close enough to hit me, are all great exercise for both of us and should be done hourly.

Guarding the House – she watches the window closely around 3:30 each day as that is when the kids get out of school and walk past the house – they must be barked at! And I must go see what is so important so I can take care of it.

Helping me get Dressed – I have no idea how I did it myself all those years. I can do it in record time now with nothing set down in her reach, particularly socks, as it is scooped up and then returned – for payment, of course.

Brushing my hair – I am supervised closely to make sure the hair scrunchie is not put anywhere in her reach. Towel drying my hair is done quickly and timed by Aspen – she knows when I am through and grabs the towel. (I am lucky that so far she seems to know where to grab and doesn’t pull hair with it!)

Nail Trimming – always ready to help hold Shay down when needed. No payment needed for that.

Accompanying Mom to Work – this is important stuff! When we are in the office doing bookwork, she squeaks her ever present squeaky ball to reassure any dogs in the lobby that this is not a place to be feared, it is fun! When we go back to the treatment area, she makes the rounds and greets every staff member (with the exception of Aaron, who has the honor of being the only person in the world that Aspen does not like), steals any unnecessary hair scrunchies, checks out the counters and insists that everyone is working way too hard and they all need to take a break and visit with her. If they happen to be in the breakroom enjoying a much needed meal, she is always ready to do tricks to entertain them and then share their food ( they don’t want to get fat by eating too much, right?)

BTW, I always have ‘dog money’ in my pockets. That is what one co-worker calls the treats! And trust me, if payment is required for an item, I am not getting that item back until payment is in hand where she can see it! And if it is a high value item and I don’t offer enough, she won’t budge in her negotiations!

Now this is a working dog!! :)


Aspen is a natural retriever!


Being an Yngo/Goldi puppy, you can also imagine that Aspen is loads of fun!

Bounce gets into the action sometimes also!



Aspen visited us in 2009 and got to go herding!  She did a FABULOUS job!!!


Aspen and Cathy passed the BH on their very first attempt
at the 2006 USRC Schutzhund National!!!!



Aspen LOVES celebrating the holidays...

Aspen's first Christmas!


First Fourth of July....


More patriotic Aspen!


Aspen 2009


Aspen's first Birthday!


Spring 2006


Halloween 2006


Halloween 2007


Valentine's Day 2007


St. Patrick's Day 2007


Easter 2007


Aspen the working dog!


    Christmas 2007


    Aspen, still gorgeous at 10 years of age!


    And still doing photo shoots!!!



Baby Aspen...



Cathy and Aspen will go on to compete in obedience
once she learns not to sleep on her articles....


And, who knows?  There might even be some "Show Dog" stuff in their future...


Pretty Baby Aspen