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Esmonds The Hobbit TD


Candice is the only girl from the Rebel/Jill Litter.


Being the only girl, Candi was oh so spoiled!  So then the challenge became...
Who would we find that would spoil her as much as we did???

The answer was Sara and Brian Hassinger of Pennsylvania.


After many conversations with Sara, references from her trainer, and just an all around good feeling,
we offered Candice to Sara and her father.

And I must say that they are doing an EXCELLENT job of spoiling our Princess.
We get regular updates on the extent of the spoiling and of course, Candice just eats it up!


Candice is smart too!  She and Sara passed her AKC TD test on their first try!!!



Congratulations on your wonderful girl Sara!  We couldn't be happier that she is yours!


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