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Am/Can CH CT Esmonds Old Southern Comfort
OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac-ECHO,
OFA Patella, Thyroid Normal, CERF

Allerhochst Jilly Bean TT, HIC
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, CERF, Thyroid Normal, vWD-



Please help us to welcome our BB (Bestselling Books) litter... all NINE* of them! 
We're not quite sure where Jill had them all hidden!

*Unfortunately we lost the little pink girl


This is Jill's first litter and she has proven to be an outstanding mother so far!
Everyone is healthy, robust and very content.


The pups are almost one week old now and are robust, strong and busy!


Pups at almost two weeks of age...


Jill cleaning up the babies...


A happy Mommy makes for happy puppies!



Our little bundles of Holiday Joy!
(3 weeks)

Black Boy

Red Boy

Navy Boy

Orange Boy

Brown Boy

Purple Boy

Hunter Boy

Yellow Girl



Puppy pile in the new bed!


Nova visits the pups...



The pups had lots of visitors the weekend that they turned four weeks...



Our Little Angels!


The pups outside at almost six weeks.



Jill playing with her six week old pups.



Christmas festivities ...

The pups did get a lovely basket to pose in.  As you can see, we were largely unsuccessful with our posing!


They also got a few new toys...


And had the family over for a visit!



The pups getting their second vetting.  Thank you to Dr. Steve and his "helpers"


The boys also helped the puppies with their nap!


Kasey did try to switch one little boy for another, but we we're on to her!



Everyone is looking good at six weeks!

Black Boy


Brown Boy


Hunter Green Boy


Purple Boy


Navy Blue Boy


Red Boy


Pumpkin Boy


Yellow Girl



Congratulations to new owners...

Black Boy
Esmonds Firestarter "Flint"
co-owned with Tammy Snyder (Flare) of New York

Red Boy
Esmonds Purpose Driven Life "Gabriel" 
owned by Mike and Sondra Vickery and Family (Joe & Ice) of Illinois

Navy Boy
Esmonds Band of Brothers "Easy"
owned by Nan Faile and Peg Langdon (Bob & Jemme) of South Carolina

Purple Boy
Esmonds The Little Prince "Magnus"
owned by Kasey O'Grady, Steve Taylor, Coultier, Connor and Finn of Ontario

Brown Boy
Esmonds Eragon "Talon"
owned by Darrell & Chrystal Freeman
(Lexa) of Tennessee

Yellow Girl ~ Esmonds The Hobbit "Candice"
will be owned by Sara and Brian Hassinger of Pennsylvania

Hunter Green Boy
Esmonds Black Beauty  "Justice"
co-owned with Steve and Andrea Parker of Ontario

Orange Boy
Esmonds Great Expectations "Lucian"
owned by Esther Campuzano of Ontario



A few last candids...

Smile for your pictures!


A Flint Sandwich!


Candice, Talon and Easy enjoying the new bed that Tammy Ausloos sent them!


Easy learning how to eat popcorn!