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Esmonds Cold Steel On Vanstone TDI
OFA Fair, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, CERF


Ice is our "Genius" from the Ely/Caygeon Litter.
From the start, we noticed that one puppy was particularly smart, determined,
fast, sassy and just plain "Naughty!", while also being oh so pretty and loving of course.

Because these are my favorite kind of pups, I had a really difficult time not keeping Ice.
But, there was one special person who was also looking for a pup like this...

It took a bit of secrecy, some "little white lies", and phone messages to Illinois that would make a team of codebreakers proud,
but finally, we ended up with two very happy girls!!!

Brhett Vickery and her family also own Joe, who will need LOTS of patience for this little one.
This time however, Brhett gets to be the one to do the training!


Ice and Brhett during the LONG ride home...


Brhett is hoping to compete in agility with Ice, so we got her started early!
Good luck Brhett!!!


Ice carries on Joe's tradition of riding in the sidecar!


Ice and Brhett's first trial!!!




Candids of Ice and her family...




Ice in her Halloween costume


Ice in the photo that we sent off to the Kong Co.


Click HERE to see Ice and her littermates growing up.