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Esmonds Love Child


Carmen is our happy and fluffy Orange Girl from the Dante/Itchy "Oops" Litter.
She is owned by Cliff and Crystal Wyatt and Family of California (and Piper).

Crystal had been asking about another pup for awhile, but having two children, plus one dog under the age of three,
we needed to find her just the right match.  Then along came Carmen!


Crystal and I tried our best to poke holes in the idea of bringing on another puppy and, try as we might,
the idea of adding Carmen just kept getting more and more right.  Even as it became evident that Carmen was
going to have a long coat, we couldn't convince Crystal that this was a bad idea...
After all, why not have both fluffy princesses in one house???


We decided that Carmen would fly with us to L.A. on our way to Hawaii, she would meet with the Wyatts,
and if things weren't just perfect, we would bring her home on our way back through a week later.

Things couldn't have been more perfect!  If you're ever in Santa Barbara and you see someone with
TWO young kids and TWO long coated Rottweilers walking down the street, you can be sure it is Crystal!!!


Click HERE to see Carmen and her littermates growing up.