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What support do you offer after I take my puppy home?

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Why this whole "Family" thing...can't I just buy a dog without the strings attached?

If this is your preference, then we are probably not the right breeder for you. 

We spend countless hours properly raising a litter (see How Pups are Reared).  Because of this, we grow very attached to our pups.  We enjoy hearing how they are doing and are always here to answer questions or address concerns. 

Additionally, we need to know how your pup matures in terms of health, type and temperament in order to make good Breeding Choices for related dogs. 


How can I reach you?

We can be reached via e-mail at or or via phone at 705-738-0189 or fax at 705-738-0190.  Once you have one of our pups, we will also provide you with our cell phone numbers. 


I've heard about a Chat Forum, what's that all about?

We provide an online forum which you will be invited to when you are close to bringing your puppy home.  This is a place for owners to ask questions, share their news and keep in touch with one another.  You can download photos there and find out our latest news.  The forum is highly customizable, so it can be set up to suit your needs.  It is also an excellent resource in the event that we are difficult to reach because we are at a dog show. 


My pup came from a co-bred litter, who should I keep in touch with?

Both of us!  When you have a pup from a co-bred litter, you essentially have two breeders.  We would both enjoy keeping in touch with you throughout your pup's lifetime.  You will be provided with all contact information for both breeders during the interview process and also invited to join the chat forum.


Do you want me to keep in touch with you if your dog sired my pup?

Absolutely!  If our dog sired the litter that produced your puppy, we would also like to stay in touch with us.  You are also welcome to join the chat forum...just e-mail us to request an invitation.  


Can I contact you for information if one of your dogs is in my pup's pedigree?

Yes, we'd love to hear about your pup, even if he is several generations removed from our own breeding program.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for anything you may need in regard to pedigree, health information etc.