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Esmonds Xero to Sixty


Shelby is our Exciting "Pink Girl" from the Rebel/Iza Litter.


Shelby is our Exciting "Pink Girl" from the Rebel/Iza Litter

Shelby is co-owned with Dawn Neff (and Griffin & Clare) of Virginia.

Dawn had a vested interest in Shelby, as she is the one who convinced me to breed Iza to Rebel. 
I'm sure glad she did!!


Shelby at 12 months.


Shelby also has her own webpage at's_home_page.htm


Dawn has high hopes for Shelby in the conformation, obedience and tracking venues.


Shelby at 4 1/2 months.

Right from the start, however, we found that Shelby liked to put her own little spin on things, just to keep it interesting!



Shelby's made lots of new friends so far...


Click HERE to see Shelby and her littermates growing up.