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Esmonds Purpose Driven Life TDI


Gabriel is the amazing Red Boy from the Rebel/Jill Litter.

He is owned by Mike and Sondra Vickery and Family of Illinois and also lives with Ice.


We love telling Gabe's story.
After six weeks of watching this pup with great interest, it finally dawned on me exactly whose pup he should be!
However, Mike had just lost his best friend, Joe, and I wasn't convinced that it was time to offer him another pup.

So, I called Sondra.  After talking with the girls, they all decided that we would offer Gabe to Mike as a Birthday Gift.
As the days went by, Sondra and Brhett had to come up with some pretty creative reasons for why I was calling them,
but never seemed to need to speak with Mike!  Finally, Sondra and all of the girls told him on his Birthday!

Needless to say, handing this puppy over to Mike was an emotional event.
We hear stories of how naughty and wild Gabe is and it always makes us smile.  The perfect dog for one of our favorite friends.


Gabriel Candids...


Mike we hope that Gabe can be even half of the companion that Joe was to you. 

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