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After 20 years of maintaining the Esmond Rottweilers website, and these news pages, we will now work toward archiving it as a living history for our puppy owners, co-breeders and the fancy in general.  We thank everyone who has enjoyed our site over the years and look forward to you joining us on our new platform for 2021 and beyond at:



2020 Recap

2020 has been a unique year for so many due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As families, businesses and schools around the world learned to adapt to this new reality, dog shows were also cancelled.  Those that went on had protocols adjusted.  Mostly we all stayed home and focused sqarely on keeping those we care about safe.

Because of the border closures, we also did not have an Esmond Litters or co-bred litters in 2020.  We hope to be able to announce a summer 2021 breeding between Vida and Chip, as well as perhaps one or two related breedings.  We thank everyone for your patience.

Despite all of this, our puppy owners managed to do truly exceptional things in the past year.   I hope you will all help me to celebrate these below:


Another great year for Pan!!!

Pan had a very short show season, but managed to bring home four more Best in Show wins in just four weekends out.  He finished as Canada's #1 Rottweiler, #2 Working Dog and #8 All Breeds!!!  Congratulations to owner Dawn Phillips and handler Lori-Ann Fischer!

Pan's niece Rayna (Ace/Beejus) also finished the year as Canada's #1 Rottweiler Bitch - owner handled by Lisa Boucher in New Brunswick!



2020 New Titleholders

    Dawn Phillips & Pan ~ NADD (Dock Diving) AJ, HDS, DSA, DSX
    Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ DJ
    Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ HIAd, HXAsd, OA, OAJ, VCD2
    Mona Boord & Kvothe ~ NAP, HSAs, HSAd, High in Trial, High Combined and Chet Backus Award
    Kathy Lovan & Surfer ~ RACH
    Kathy Lovan & Della ~ NAJ, RM
    Kathy Lovan & JoJo ~ CD, RI, RA
    Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ ATchC, MGDC, MJDC, MADC, NS
    Tracey Bradley & Vici ~ NS, S, SDIN, SDN
    Elaine Swancer & Disney ~ MXJ, MF
    Diane McKinney & Riggs ~ BH
    Jeanine McDowell & Chip ~ CS, CI
    Joy Keller & Django ~ UD
    Lois Eid & Bamm Bamm ~ MACH2 (and qualified for the finals at the National Agility Championship!)
    Tracy McMahon & Jagger ~ UPr1, FPr1
    Teresa Schneider & Ransom ~ BN, RA, U-AGII, FDC, CAX, SPK
    Patti Wicks & Sheldon ~ SCN, SN-C, SD-NC
    Caren Vicich and Ryker ~ CD, RA, RE, NA, ACT1, ACT2
    Kellie Moylan & Ace ~ FH-V
    Lisa Wingerter & Beejus ~ AXP, MJP3 MJPB, MFP, OAC
    Ana Cilursu & Axel ~ RN, RI, SWA, SBE, SEE, SCE, NW3, NW3-V, NW3-I
    Marianne Noble & Gabby ~ UKC CD
    Sue Raux & Max ~ AKC Ch (in one week with five majors!)
    Alicia Baier Everton & Nyx ~ Am GRCH
    Joan Kossaras & Jazzy ~ NA,SCE, SBE, SWE, BCAT, SCM, SBM, SEM, SPS, SPJ, SPG, SPK, APJ, APK, APG, PJM, APS, PD, NGC, APD, MPD, PGM, PKM, PRM, PSM, TN-N, TN-O, GS-N, RS-N, NACSW and a High in Trial - Wow!!!
    Cheryl Bryant & Rumble ~ NA, OAJ, NF, FDC, BCAT
    Dan & Pam Westphal & Pinky Lee ~ RN, RI, RA, ACT1, ACT2
    Sue Reis and Buzzy ~ BN, RN, FDC, CAA
    Patricia Terrio & Jaxx ~ BN
    Katie Maess & Desi ~ CZ8PB, RATOX2
    Sue Trout & Wiser ~ TDCH
    Kim Oatway & Shield ~ CKC TD
    Related pup Khonshu (Nox/Bindi) also some nice wins in 2020, earning back to back majors in Indianapolis, including BOW and Select Dog at the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialties!  Congratulations to owner Sarah Rowbotham-Northrup!

There were also plenty of pups earning the TT, HIC, CGN or CGC titles as well as various trick dog titles.  Note that Wiser, above, finished his Trick Dog Championship with owner Sue Trout!


And... JJ has finally arrived!

We also have big news that JJ the Papillon has arrived in Canada after earning his FCI International Championship at his one and only show in 2020.  We're excited to see what his future holds for this lovely boy.  Go to to view his own webpage.


While 2020 proved that we never know what the future will hold, we will focus on the positive and will be cheering our friends and puppy owners on to success in 2021.

                                                                            Ann & Mike