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Our Hockey Litter (2 Males/4 Females) was born on June 5th, 2008


V-Rated BISS Am/Can/UKC Ch, Esmonds
Qruzin' for a Bruzin' Ag.N, RN, AD,
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, OFA Patella, CERF, vWD-

Ch Esmonds Outta the Blue Nordike TT, HIC, CGN
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella, OFA Thyroid, CERF



Please help us to welcome our newest additions!

Chris and Bev have decided to do something different for this litter and name them with a theme. 
Since it is hockey playoff time, and Caygeon's labor begain during the final game of the Stanley Cup,
it's only fitting that we have a Hockey Theme!  Will we see an "Esmonds Redwing Vanstone" in this group?

The pups cozying up on Caygeon's Maple Leafs jersey...
Of course once they got comfortable, they didn't want to leave their new "bed"


Turquoise Girl gets a little Mother/Daughter talk.

A couple of Video's of the pups on their One Week Birthday...  Video 1    Video 2



The pups are two weeks old now and they're doing wonderfully!



On day 17, the Vanstones came to visit!!!

Chris & Caygeon "evaluating" the boys.



Pups and their new bed... Day 19


Pup's first meal...  "Whew!  We can't eat another bite!"



Pups' first trip outside for a Picnic Lunch


It was also the big photo shoot day!

Green Boy

Blue Girl

Purple Girl


Burgandy Boy

Turquoise Girl

Pink Girl


They've also been having visitors!



Four - Five week candids...

Burgandy Boy



Pups at Five and 1/2 weeks...

Purple Girl

Turquoise Girl

Burgandy Boy

Pink Girl

Green Boy

Blue Girl



We are very lucky babies!

We have tunnels...


And sticks both big and small...


We have a friend named SuperNova...


And Cassie Jackman has arrived to kiss us all!!!



On our Six Week Birthday, Briann came to visit!



At almost 7 weeks, pups are working on their retrieves...



8 week old Pups and their new friend, three year old Jaiden!!



During weeks nine and ten, the pups had LOTS of socializing!

Savvy down at the locks, watching the boats.

Eddy (left) and Savvy (right) at the local Coffee Shop!

Deke (left) and Ice (right) at the Nursing Home!


They also got to play with the big dogs!

Major and Savvy hanging with Nova...

Deke and Ice meeting Dodger...

Ice teases Simone...


Deke and his new girlfriend, Remy.

Deke, Ice and Remy...



The Hockey Litter Final Update

Puppies are now in their new homes...

Green Boy is now Major ~ Esmonds 5 Minute Major Vanstone
owned by Chris, Bev, Connor & Becca Vanstone (and Mommy Caygeon!)
Major is also co-owned by us!

See Major's Webpage


Blue Girl is now Eddy ~ Esmonds Fast Eddy Vanstone
owned by Judy Fahy of Washington (and Harry!)
Eddy is also co-owned by us!

See Eddy's Webpage


Pink Girl is now Savvy ~ Esmonds Game On Vanstone
owned by Jen Perry of Ontario and co-owned by us!

See Savvy's Webpage


Turquoise Girl is now Piper ~ Esmonds Sweet Piper Vanstone
owned by Crystal, Cliff & Siena Wyatt of California

See Piper's Webpage


Purple Girl is now Ice ~ Esmonds Cold Steel On Vanstone
owned by Brhett & Mike Vickery of Illinois (and Joe)

See Ice's Webpage


Burgandy Boy is now Deke ~ Esmonds Lemieux Vanstone
Deke will be staying with us until he matures, in hopes that he'll be the one
we'll send to John and Jeanine Belbin in Australia (and Ynka of course!)

See Deke's Webpage