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"He who does not live life to it's fullest can never know the true meaning of life"

Summer Fun!


What happens to Canadian Hockey players who don't score enough goals.


With gas prices so high, Ann decides to find a new way to get to the dog shows!


Yeah, I do think I'd have a dentist look at that...


What a Rottweiler in a motorcycle sidecar going 50mph through Chicago looks like!


Devlin bakes a peach pie...


Scuba Blitz!


Nothing runs like a Deere...


Wake up, Gats, it's over!

What's REALLY in your processed dog food?

They said I was bred to be a working dog, so I picked Lifeguard!

Ready for my swim...

It's important to keep your pups teeth clean!

Uh, I think it's time to call an exterminator!

Psssssst...pretend I killed you...I'm supposed to be a big bad Rottweiler...

Not sure what this "sunbathing" stuff is all about, but Mom seems to like it...

Awww, C'mon!  Someone will see!

If I let her kiss me, maybe she'll share some of these toys!

What the dogs really do while we're at work!

The girls are never going to be able to resist me in my new ride.

Someday, I WILL catch one of these clear balls...

Almost..... Got it!

A true California Girl!

You haven't heard the last of me squirrel...

Hmmmm... B...I...T...C...  Oh My!

Sure kid, I'll taste test that for ya...

One word man...Altoids...

You did remember to remove the seeds for me, right?

I swear, I am going to get soooo many treats for this!

What?  Dock diving is supposed to be for DISTANCE?
Why didn't anyone tell me that?

Ear taping?  Why on earth would I need ear taping???